Make a difference



Do You Have Assets Which You Do Not Need?


House . Summer home . Condo . Bonds . Stocks . CDs . Art . Collectibles

Dianova Canada needs your unneeded assets which we will either use or resell.

We accept anything of value that you wish to donate to us.


Why Donate Your Assets?

  • You wish to improve your community by helping Dianova’s programs.
  • Your assets have increased in value and the gains would be taxable – such as the capital gain on a second home at last death.
  • Your family does not want to receive assets but prefer to receive cash.


Financial Benefits of Donating your Assets

  • Quick liquidation of an unneeded asset
  • No capital gains taxes to pay
  • You receive a tax-deductible receipt
  • You can purchase life insurance with your tax savings to replace the asset for your heirs who will be happy to receive cash

Honours Board

Every donor of more than 5,000$ will be acknowledged on Dianova's Honours Board.

Most important of all

You care about your community and wish to help those in need around you.


Please contact our DONATION SERVICE

Telephone: 514-875-7013

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.